New work: Confiscated Vagrant Junk Ship #23 (The Dog Junk)

Confiscated Vagrant Ship #23 (The Dog Junk), 2017, 5 5/8″ x 9 5/8″ inches, Sumi ink and graphite on paper

Just finished this new addition to the Confiscated Vagrant Ships Series a little over a month ago! Typically I hide potentially finished works from view for about a month or two before I deem them finished.   This little one is done, done, done!

When completed, this Confiscated Vagrant Ships Series will be composed of 213 drawings varying in scale and style. Each work poses as documentation handmade by low ranking Antarctic Collective Naval Officers that serve as an eyewitness to the search and seizure of vagrant ships.

According to historians from the Rothera Historical Society:

At the close of 2536 CE, the search for the missing Antarctic Collective Ship (ACS) Golden Pear intensified. As the search efforts grew desperate, High Counselor Tyrell Welford authorized the collection of any and all possible Antarctic Collective debris found withing a 2000 km radius from Bouvet Island by any means necessary. Reclaiming wreckage that had sunk in the perpetually violent ocean was technologically impossible for the Antartica in the 26th century. This left search parties with only three viable options: skim for floating debris, search nearby shorelines, and hunt for debris in the ships of the opportunistic scavengers that littered the ocean’s waves. 

 On January 1st, 2537 the Middle Council passed a measure authorizing the Antarctic Collective Navy to legally confiscate any Vagrant vessels suspected to contain salvage from belonging to Antarctic Collective ships.  Occupants were either grounded on the nearest shore or subject to lethal force when required.

Stay tuned for more from the Dreadnaught Saga!