“Never Forget the Pear!”, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the First Polar War, the Rothera Historical Society provided visitors with a view of the singular event that set in motion Antarctica’s emergence as a power in the post-civilization world: The Loss Loss of the Golden Pear.  The investigation following the legendary defense ship’s loss sparked political firestorm that […]

Loss Revision, Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA

In Loss Revision, Eric Petitti presents a series of works excerpted from his project “The Dreadnaught Saga”. The project is designed to emphasize the ways in which depictions of history can distort the past in order to influence the present. On close inspection, the details within the work offer different perspectives either embracing the larger […]

All Our Tomorrows and Yesterdays, Proof Gallery, Boston, MA

With works by Sean Downey and Mary Mattingly, Curated by Scott Patrick Wiener  From the curatorial statement: History is a malleable enterprise subject to the whims and desires of its writers. In this process, photographs become enunciations of the selected truths we use to inform ourselves about the past. The artists in this exhibition prefer another […]

The No Place People, Duplex Gallery, Portland, OR

In remembrance of Turner Eteocles, Gallery 5, Emmanuel College, Boston, MA

The No Place People (v.2), Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

The Junks, as they were popularly known, sailed into the region in vessels that resembled a heap of rubbish more than a ship. These orphans of the climate fallout saturated life within the Southern Sea since their emergence in the early 24th century. Their rise brought terror to the region as they raided homes, plundered […]

Between You and Me, Dorchester Art Project, Boston, MA